20th October 2023 | New support files in Skills & Training; edit Share Options Tax in Calculation Payslip; change in Activity grid in Device Manager

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Hello readers,

Here are the latest highlights in Indigo Suite!

You can now add and configure support files to our Skills & Training HR feature to build up your own company's or tenant's qualifications-related data, via the Settings section.

Payroll admins are able to easily edit Share Options Tax in the Calculation Payslip.

Meanwhile in Attendance, more information about failed activity entries has been included in Device Manager's Activity grid; and Scheduler admins can swap out two columns for data of their choosing via two new dropdown menus in the Scheduler View Settings.

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HR Enhancements

  • There have been a number of developments of Skills & Training:

    • You can now Import all employees at once, including their training and skills, instead of one by one. As a result, the Exports section has been renamed to Import-Export.

    • In the Settings section, you can now:

      • Create and edit Training or Certificate support file entries.

      • Create Skill support file entries.

      • View all employees who have a specific Training, Certificate, or Skill support file saved to their profile.

HR Fixes and Improvements

  • The storage limit message in Document Manager closes automatically after a few seconds, as intended.

  • ​We have the following fixes in Skills & Training:

    • Deleting a skill from an employee's Skills widget works as expected.

    • The 'Update' button works as expected in the 'Add a Skill' screen in the Skills widget.

Payroll Enhancements

  • It is now possible to edit Share Options Tax in the Calculation Payslip, by clicking on the Edit button at the start of the entry.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • Any new employees starting on the same day as when a Headcount report is generated are included in the report, as expected.

  • If the Pro Rata Bonus pay item is 0, it will not be shown in the Payslip.

  • When a change in Pay occurs at any time during the current payroll, this is considered in the Payroll Calculation.

  • The Year field in Employee Previous Employment is to be filled in manually, as expected.

  • The Page Break setting in the Leave History report is working as intended.

  • In the Leave Audit and the Global Leave Update, the 'General' option has been removed from the Leave Group field.

  • The Detailed Payroll report has been optimised.

Attendance Enhancements

  • In Device Manager's My Devices, failed activities in the Activity grid will now also have a reason written in brackets alongside the 'Failed' status.

  • There are two new dropdown menus in the Scheduler View Settings that allow the user to choose different data to view instead of Occupation and Default Cost Centre.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • In Device Manager, an animation informing the user that they do not have permission to view that particular section will be shown when the user does not have viewing rights for that specific part of the screen.

  • We have optimised warning messages in the Scheduler.

  • When clicking on the Basic Hours field via the Quick Edit function in the Scheduler, all text is shown in full.

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