1st November 2023 | Updates to Skills & Training, Device Manager, several messages in Payroll processes; and more

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Managing your support files in the Setup section of HR's Skills & Training module has been made much easier, thanks to new functionality that allows you to add, edit, and delete them.

In Payroll, we have added some warnings and validations to help you with your Global Basic Pay Adjustment, Part Time Tax Cap, and Bank Account creation. We have also removed updated the HSBC SEPA file, and disabled the export button in the FS3 toolbar. Additionally, we have updated Device Manager in Attendance with some new options for deleting biometrics and access methods and choosing break type codes, along with viewing punch types in Clocking Data. We have also fixed some issues with Overtime Cost Calculations and Leave Entitlement Calculations.

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HR Enhancements

  • In Document Manager, we have added a warning message when deleting a folder to let you know that the folder will be deleted for all employees.

  • The following changes have been made to Skills & Training:

    • The section previously called Settings has been renamed as Setup.

    • Users need the permission HR_ESTSetup to view or edit anything in the Setup section.

    • You can now add, edit and delete Skills, Training, and Certification support files in the Setup section of Skills & Training.

HR Fixes and Improvements

  • The Document Manager drawer now opens from right to left.

  • The error message displayed when uploading an unsupported file type to Document Manager has been improved. Learn more about blocked file types here!

  • When exporting a certificate or training entry from the Settings section in Skills & Training, the Name field is now shown in full.

Payroll Enhancements

  • The Global Basic Pay Adjustment utility will now warn you when there are existing basic pay entries for any of the selected employees on the same date entered in the 'Effective date' field.

  • When an employee's Part Time Tax, standard or otherwise, reaches the 10k cap, a warning will be shown in the Finalisation of Payroll Calculation Warning list, as well as in the Remarks section of the Payslip Calculation.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • We have removed the ATUHSTN tags from HSBC SEPA files. This change makes the files compliant with the latest standards, ensuring they won't be rejected.

  • In Bank Accounts, we have improved the validation message that appears when you try to add a bank account without having first created the bank. The new message is clearer and will advise what actions to take.

  • The export button in the FS3 toolbar has been disabled.

  • When changing the partner type of a user in the Organisation Chart, only the selected user's partner type will change.

  • When trying to edit the details of an Employee reporting to a terminated approver, the error message has been changed to a warning that informs you the approver has been terminated. You will still be able to edit and save the profile.

  • Scrolling functionality has been added to the Leave Type Priorities screen. You can easily scroll through the list of leave types and adjust their priorities as needed.

  • When applying for leave from the Employee Portal, you can now apply for one hour's leave as long as it does not overlap with existing or cancelled leave periods.

  • We have restored the search function for the Out Of Office widget in the Portal.

Attendance Enhancements

  • We have several updates to Device Manager:

    • When a device activity results in a failure but does not require any action from the administrator, this is now marked as 'Warning' instead of 'Fail' in the device activity grids.

    • You can now delete multiple users' biometrics and access methods from Device Manager, thanks to a new modal in My Users. Click on the purple fingerprint icon above the My Users grid to open it. Use the blue buttons to filter the grid for different biometrics or access methods, select the users to be removed and then click Delete.

    • It is now possible to choose your own codes for break types in Device Manager's Settings.

    • Break type entries imported from Device Manager will be shown in the Clocking Data grid via the new columns 'PunchTypeIn' and 'PunchTypeOut'.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • Pay items included in Overtime Cost Calculations are now being based on the employee's Payroll Frequency.

  • Leave Entitlement Calculations no longer consider Pay Items.

Quick Fixes and Minor Updates

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