Import Data using Excel

Facilitate Large Amounts of Data Entry by using Microsoft Excel

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Shireburn Indigo Payroll allows data to be uploaded using Excel® spreadsheets, facilitating data entry involving large amounts of data (Note that this feature is only available on certain screens. When this is the case, the export button will be visible as shown below).

Generating a Blank Template

The "Export" button allows you to export Indigo Payroll data to an excel spreadsheet. 

However, it also has the facility to generate a blank template; a spreadsheet with the fields required to import data into Indigo Payroll. Each template must be generated from the screen you are trying to import data into to get the fields required.

Indigo Payroll is smart enough to know which screen you are on and generates a template with the fields required for that screen. You can add and remove other fields as you please, by selecting or deselecting the corresponding checkboxes.

Once you have downloaded the template, fill in the fields as required and save in an accessible location, ready for data import.

Importing Data

To import data, click on the "Import" button.

Then click and drag the Excel® file into the upload area, as highlighted in red below. Once ready click on Import to upload the file to Indigo Payroll.

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