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Set the Basic Wage or Salary of an Employee

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What is Basic Pay?

Basic Pay is the basic wage given to an employee in return for their work. This excludes any bonuses, benefits and/or adjustments, and is listed as gross pay (before any tax or NI is deducted). The basic pay amount is entered as either the hourly fee for employees paid wages or the payroll amount for employees paid a salary.

Basic Pay determines the basic wage/salary of an employee when running payroll.

Adding a new Basic Pay

To create a new Basic Pay:

  1. Go to Payroll > Employees.

  2. Highlight the employee you would like to add a Basic Pay for, then click on the Basic Pays tab.

  3. Click on the insert ( + ) button and enter the following fields:

    1. Effective Date: This is the date from which basic pay applies.

    2. Basic pay amount: The hourly rate, or pay per pay-period, which employees are paid depending on the assigned Employment Type.

    3. Remarks: Enter any remarks here.​

  4. Click on the Save button when you are ready.

Editing an existing Basic Pay

When an employee's wage changes, you can create a NEW basic pay with an Effective Date from which the basic pay applies. Indigo always uses the latest Effective Date to work out the basic pay due.

  1. Go to Payroll > Employees.

  2. Highlight the employee whose Basic Pay you want to change.

  3. Click on the Basic Pays tab, highlight the current Basic Pay entry and click Edit.

  4. After making the required changes, click Save.

Send an Email on Basic Pay Change

You can set Indigo to email relevant people within your company when an employee's pay has been changed.

  1. Go to Payroll > Settings > Payroll > Employee Settings.

  2. Click Edit and tick the setting 'Enable email notification on basic pay change'.

  3. In the field directly below, enter the email addresses of the people that need to be notified of any basic pay changes. Separate each address with a semicolon.

  4. Click Save.

When an employee's basic pay has been changed, the below email will be sent to the email addresses to be notified, with the respective employee's code and name in the email text.

Deleting a Basic Pay

To delete an existing employee basic pay:

  1. Go to Payroll > Employees.

  2. Select the relevant employee and click on the Basic Pays tab.

  3. Highlight the basic pay and click on Delete.

  4. Click Delete when asked 'Are you sure you want to delete the 1 selected record?'

  5. The grid will refresh to show that the deleted entry has been successfully removed.

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