Leave Entitlement

Assign Leave Types to an Employee

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What is Leave Entitlement?

Leave Entitlement allows you to assign Leave Types to an employee, including total hours and remaining balance. By assigning Leave Types to an employee, you are granting that employee the right to apply for that leave type.

What are Leave Entitlements used for?

Leave Entitlements determine how many leave days an employee is entitled to take during the year.

Adding Leave Entitlements

To create a new Leave Entitlement, first highlight the employee you would like to add a Leave Entitlement for, then click on Leave Entitlement followed by the Insert icon.

  • Leave type: Description of the leave type to be given to the employee. 

  • Leave entitlement: The number of leave hours the employee is entitled to for this leave type per year.

  • Leave balance: The number of remaining hours for this leave type until end of year.

Once ready, click on the Save icon to commit changes.

Editing an existing Leave Entitlement

To edit an existing entitlement, highlight the leave entitlement by clicking once on the respective row and click the Edit button.

Deleting Leave Entitlements

To delete an existing entitlement highlight the leave entitlement and click on delete.

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