Set up New Pay Item Groups

Group Pay Items together to Configure Fringe Benefits

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What are Pay Item Groups?

Pay Item groups are a grouping method that allow pay items to be grouped together.

What are Pay Item Groups used for?

Once set up, Pay Item groups can be used to configure Fringe Benefits.

Adding a new Pay Item Group

Go to Payroll and Leave > Payroll Setup > Pay Item Groups.

Click on the Insert icon.

  • Code: A unique internal reference code for the pay item group.

  • Description: A short description of the pay item group. The description is how you will be able to select this Pay Item Group 

Once ready, click on the Save icon.

Editing existing Pay Item Groups

To edit an existing pay item groups, highlight the group by clicking once on the respective row and click the edit button, or double-click on the row.

Deleting existing Pay Item Groups

To delete an existing Pay Item Group, highlight the group and click on delete.

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