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Set up New Leave Entitlement Profiles
Set up New Leave Entitlement Profiles

Configure & Aggregate Leave & Holidays into Assignable Profiles

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What are Leave Entitlement Profiles?

Leave Entitlement Profiles configures and aggregates leave and holidays into profiles. Once configured, Leave Entitlement Profiles can be assigned to employees.

Adding Leave Entitlement Profiles

Leave Entitlement Profiles are configured from Payroll & Leave > Leave > Leave Entitlement Profiles.

To add a profile, click Insert. A new, blank entry will be created ready for you to populate.

  • Code: A unique code for the profile.

  • Description: A description of the Leave Entitlement Profile.

  • Holiday list: Links to the list of holidays applicable to this leave entitlement profile (Holiday list is another support file in Indigo).

  • Holidays Desc.: A description of the holiday list.


Configure the leave types for the Leave Entitlement Profile being set up, by allocating the available hours for leave.

In this window you can now set the different leave types that the employee can avail of when being assigned from within the employee screen.

  • Leave type: Leave profile code.

  • Leave type description: Select the Leave Type for this profile.

  • Can request this leave: Make leave available to employee

  • Show Balance on Payslip: This will show the leave balance on payslip

  • Show taken on Payslip: This will show the leave taken on payslip

  • Show Entitlement on Payslip: This will show the leave entitlement on payslip

  • Annual leave hours: The number of annual leave hours for this type of leave.

  • Request this leave after number of days: This is used to inform the system as of when this leave can be used, as of Date of Employment. For example, there are instances in the Work Regulations Order specifically stating that Full Pay or Half Pay Sick can be availed of after six months of continuous employment, so in this case the payroll administrator must enter 182 days for both leave types. The system will check the dates as Sick that were entered and compare it to Date of Employment. If it falls in this range, it will check the next leave type from the priority order and check if it can be deducted from there. If it cannot, it will continue to check as per priority order until it finds a leave type from which to deduct. Since the last priority will be 'Sick No Pay', it will deduct from there.

Editing an Existing Leave Entitlement Profile

To edit an existing profile, highlight the leave entitlement profile by clicking once on the respective row and click the Edit button.

Deleting Leave Entitlement Profiles

To delete an existing profile highlight the leave entitlement profile and click on delete.

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