Set up Restricted Days

Set days in which Employees are Restricted from Applying for Leave

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What are Restricted Days?

Restricted Days are days in which employees working in a particular department are restricted from applying for leave.

They are used for implementing stop-leave on certain days. Employees can still apply for leave, but the system will give a warning that the day is a restricted day at application stage and again at approval stage.

Adding, editing and deleting Restricted Days

Restricted Days are configured in Payroll & Leave > Leave > Restricted Days.

Start by clicking Insert, then input all of the data mentioned below.

  • Department: Select the department for which this restriction applies. If the department is left blank, this will affect all employees.

  • Date: Date on which department employees will not be allowed to take leave.

  • Reason: Reason for the restriction.

Click Save when done.

You can highlight a Restricted Date by clicking on it, then edit or delete it by pressing the respective buttons in the toolbar.

Note: You can insert a range of Restricted days at once using the Export & Import functionality.

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