Once the payroll has been set up, we can start running the payroll calculation.

First, highlight the payroll and then click on Select Roll as highlighted in Red below.

The Payroll Calculations screen is where the payroll is calculated and finalised, having already set up the payroll as shown in Setting up the Payroll. The screen is split into different sections where you can find all of the features and functions required to successfully run the payroll and issue the SEPA payment file.

Blue: In this section, you can view all of the employees that have been included in this payroll, according to the frequency chosen. Each employee has a state which indicates whether any particular attention is required or not.

Orange: In this section, you can view an overview of employee states with a total for each state

Green: In this section, you can make final adjustments including Basic Hours, Overtime, Pay Items and any leave (including sick leave) taken. If any final adjustments are required, kindly see Making Final Adjustments

Yellow: Calculate payroll and finalise. This starts the Payroll Calculation and Finalisation Process.

Viewing bonus details for an employee in the payroll calculation screen

You can view details about bonuses and other adjustments by clicking on the i icon next to a particular item on the payslip preview panel.

Viewing and printing tax (FSS) calculations from the payroll calculation screen

Additionally, you are able to view and print tax details from an employee's pay calculation preview panel.

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