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The Payroll Calculations screen can be accessed by going to Payroll & Leave > Main > Payrolls.

Highlight a payroll and clicking Select Payroll.

It is the screen where the payroll is calculated and finalised. It is split into four main sections, as can be seen in the Table of Contents above.


Main Sections

Employees in the Payroll

Here you can see all employees that have been included in the selected payroll. Only employees with the same frequency as the payroll will be included, e.g. monthly employees are included in a monthly payroll. The state column indicates the employee's payroll calculation status: Pending, Calculated, or Error.

Pay Items

This section provides an overview of an employee state, and allows you to apply basic hours, pay items, overtime and leave when calculating an employee's wages. Any payment variables which you add for the employees will be saved in a draft form for the payroll. Wages will not be calculated until you calculate a payroll.

Payslip Preview

The payslip preview appears after calculating the payroll. It shows the break down of the payslip, including basic gross pay, leave, bonuses, tax, social security, net pay, and the company's deductions on behalf of the employee (MLF, SS). The preview allows you to review the payroll calculation and make corrections to it before re-finalising the payroll.

Detail: To see more detail for a section of the payslip, click on the arrow next to the section title. If you want to expand each section, click on the 'Expand all' arrow in the top right on the payslip preview.

Edit: Click the edit icons to the left of any item in the payslip you wish to edit. A pop-up box will open for you to make any amendments required.

Information: For more information about a section, hover over the i icon.

Print: Click on the print icon in the top right of the preview to see a printable version of the payslip report in a new tab. Click on the print icon in the Tax section to open a printable FSS calculation report in a new tab.

Refresh: Click the refresh icon in the top right of the preview panel to refresh the data in the preview.

Calculation Toolbar

The calculation toolbar is made up of two parts: the progress bar and the action buttons.

The progress bar shows how many payrolls are calculated, pending, or have issues, as well as the percentage of the calculation that is complete.

Action Buttons:

  • Calculate Selected Employees: after selecting specific employees, this button allows you to calculate the payroll for only the selection.

  • Calculate All Employees: this calculates the payroll for all employees.

  • Delete Selected Employees Calculation: this allows you to delete the payroll calculation for selected employees. Use this when you need to amend an employee's calculated payroll before finalisation.

  • Delete All Employees Calculation: use this button to delete the payroll calculation for all employees.

  • Finalise Roll: this button is used after all employees in the payroll have had their payroll calculated.

  • Finalisation Audit: this allows users to review the audit of finalised payrolls.

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