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How can I Update Leave Taken by an Employee?
How can I Update Leave Taken by an Employee?

Update an Employee's Leave

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There are two ways you can view and update leave taken by an employee: via the individual employee's Leave History tab, or via the Leave Request Audit.

Via the employee's Leave History tab

  1. Go to HR > Main > Employees.

  2. Click on the relevant employee and then click on their Leave History tab.

  3. From here, you can view, edit or add leave records for the employee. To add a record, click on the Insert icon. Once you have entered the data, click Save.

Via the Leave Request Audit

  1. Go to Payroll and Leave > Main > Leave.

  2. This takes you to the Leave Request Audit. To add a record, click on Insert and input the data required, then click Save.

To amend an existing record, click on the recycle bin icon on the relevant record, then re-enter it while making the required changes.

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