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FAQ about Indigo Leave only

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Allow vacation leave to be approved by another authoriser, if the primary one is unavailable.
Update your Calendar with Approved Leave
Processing Leave Requests and Applying for Sick Leave for your Employees
Bulk Import of Leave Records
Employee Leave History Report
Employee Leave Situation Report
Employee Leave Situation Report Grouping
The Leave Accruals Report
Enabling sick leave application through the Portal
Generating a leave accruals report
Generating a Leave Request Audit spreadsheet template
Giving bereavement, birth of child, parental, marriage, or study leave to employees
How can I check the used and remaining leave balance of an employee?
How can I Remove Pro-Rata Leave Pay-Off Calculation for a Leave type?
How can I Update Leave Taken by an Employee?
How do I Create Leave Entitlement?
How do I Create Leave Entitlement for Part-Timers with Regular Hours?
How do I give Leave Entitlements to all employees?
How do I Pay Off/Write Off Leave Entitlement Globally?
How do I pay off a select number of leave hours for an employee?
How do I print payslips with details of overtime ungrouped?
How do I submit leave taken to all employees at once?
How does Night Shift Leave work?
How to add a new Leave Hour Schedule
How to apply for leave on behalf of someone else
How to Carry Forward Leave
How to resubmit leave records
Leave Type Priorities
Pay off a leave entitlement for an individual employee
Pro-Rata Leave Entitlement
Searching for Leave and Out of Office Records
Setting up Night Shifts
Show Leave Balances on Payslip
Staff Leave Balances Widget
The Leave Write-Off utility
What happens if an employee applies for leave and it's not approved in time for the payroll?
Why can't a user Apply for Half an Hour of Leave?
Why is Leave Type not showing when applying for Leave from the Employee Portal?
Enabling Earned Leave in Indigo