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Using My Tasks and All Tasks in Task Management
Using My Tasks and All Tasks in Task Management

Find out how to use the My Tasks and All Tasks sections in the Task Management System

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About My Tasks and All Tasks

In My Tasks and All Tasks, you will find a grid showing a list of tasks, along with the main details available for each task. Each task can be accessed by clicking on the arrow on the far right of the task's entry. My Tasks and All Tasks contain the same grid and header toolbar and look almost identical, but there is one key difference.

What is the difference between My Tasks and All Tasks?

  1. My Tasks only shows the tasks assigned to the user currently logged in to Indigo, whereas All Tasks shows all the tasks that exist across the whole tenant.

  2. All Tasks is only visible and accessible to users with the permission FoundationTenant_TaskRequest enabled, while My Tasks is available to all employees.

  3. The Delete function in the toolbar and on each grid entry is only available in All Tasks.


  • Show all tasks switch: toggle this switch to either show all tasks or only pending tasks.

  • Search: type in keywords to find what you need quickly.

  • Filter: apply filters to the grid to help you narrow down your search.

  • Refresh: refresh the information in the grid.

  • Export: export the grid's data into an Excel spreadsheet.

  • Delete: clicking this will delete any selected entries from the grid. Only available in All Tasks.

  • Column Selector: select what data to show in the grid by selecting or deselecting columns as needed.

Grid Tabs

  • All: this tab shows all tasks in the grid, regardless of whether they are engagement or termination tasks.

  • Onboarding: clicking this tab filters the grid to show only engagement tasks.

  • Offboarding: clicking this tab will ensure only tasks related to termination are visible.

Actions per Grid Entry

  • Complete: this icon shows whether a task is pending or completed, with a grey icon used for pending tasks and a green one for finalised tasks.

  • Cancel/Delete: press this icon to cancel or delete a pending task. This is only visible in the All Tasks screen and is only possible for pending tasks.

  • Navigate: click this arrow to go to the entry's task drawer and view all its details.

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