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Skills & Training's Setup and Support Files
Skills & Training's Setup and Support Files

Find out how to use the Setup section of Skills & Training and learn how to add, edit, delete and assign Support Files.

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About Skills & Training's Setup section

Setup is home to all the support files used in your tenant's Skills & Training module. You can see existing support files, along with creating and editing your own, and if needed even delete unused entries.

On top of that, you can also see which employees have had a support file assigned to them, as well as assign and unassign support files to individual or multiple employees from here.

Setup's Layout

The Setup section is made up of two tabs, one for Training (which covers training and certification support files) and one for Skills, which are laid out in the same way with a header toolbar, the tabs available in Setup with the active one highlighted in blue, and the data grid listing the support files.


  • Filter: press the filter icon to activate filters in the grid's columns. You can then drill down the entries by typing criteria you're looking for in the relevant column's filter field.

  • Export: to extract all the data shown in the grid and view it in Excel, tap on Export.

  • Create: when you want to add a new support file, press this button to go to the support file creation form.

  • Search: click on the magnifying glass to open the Search field, then type what you want to look for and hit 'Enter' on the keyboard.

Grid Columns

  • Company Name: the company to which the support file has been added.

  • Type: whether Training or Certification (Training only).

  • Name: the support file's name.

  • Level: the level, from 1 to 8, of the qualification (Training only).

  • Awarding Body: the organisation that awards the qualification (Training only).

Entry Actions

There are two actions available per entry in the Setup grid, one which allows you to delete an entry and the other which allows you to access the entry's full details. The Delete action is carried out by clicking the entry's red trashcan icon, while the access action is done either by pressing the entry's arrow icon or by double-clicking anywhere on the entry.

About Skills & Training's Support Files

Support files can be accessed individually to view and edit their details, and to see and control which employees are assigned to them. You can access a support file by double-clicking on its grid entry or by clicking the arrow on the far right of the grid entry.

A support file's page is split into the header toolbar, the support file's details, and the Assigned Employees grid.

Tools: Export, Search.

Support File Details

Here you can see the support file's details, as well as edit some of them or even delete a support file outright.

  • Company: the company the support file has been made available on.

  • Type: training or certification (Training only).

  • Name: the support file's name.

  • Awarding Body: the name of the organisation awarding the qualification (Training only).

  • Level: the educational level or grade of the qualification (Training only).

To edit a support file, update the fields that need amending and click Save Changes.

Assigned Employees Grid

This grid shows all employees assigned to the support file, including the details specific to each employee, such as the start and completion dates of courses, any expiry dates, and the status of their qualification.

Deleting a Support File

There are two ways to delete a support file in Skills & Training, either via the grid entry or from the support file's detailed view.

Deleting via the grid

  1. In Setup, click on the required tab.

  2. Find the entry in the grid to be deleted.

  3. Click the Delete (trashcan) icon.

  4. A confirmation message will pop up asking if you're sure you want to continue. Press Delete to go ahead with deleting the support file.

Deleting from the support file's detailed view

  1. In Setup, click on the required tab.

  2. Find the entry in the grid to be deleted.

  3. Double-click or use the access arrow to enter the support file's detailed view.

  4. In the top box, click the Remove button.

  5. Just like in step 4 of the other method, a confirmation message will ask you whether you want to continue or not. As above, click Delete to delete the support file.

In both cases, the entry for the support file will be removed from the grid and will no longer be available for assigning to employees.

A support file can only be deleted if it is not assigned to any employees. If an entry has been assigned to even one employee, an error error message will show when you try to delete the entry.

Assigning Employees to a Support File

Assign employees to a support file works the same way for both Training and Skills support files.

  1. In Setup, click on the required tab.

  2. Find the entry in the grid to be assigned, double-click or use the access arrow to enter the support file's detailed view.

  3. In the Assigned Employees part of the page, click on the + button.

  4. The Assign Employees drawer will open. If more than one of the employees you wish to assign to the support file share the same information for the qualification, go ahead and fill in all the support file fields shown in the drawer now.
    E.g. Several employees attended and completed the same First Aid course on the same dates.

  5. After filling in the fields, click the icon next to the number of Selected employee(s).

  6. When the 'Employee Selection' grid opens, tick the employees to be assigned and click Select.

  7. This will take you back to the Assign Employees drawer, where the Selected employee(s) field will now show the number of employees you selected, and the bottom-right Submit button will be activated. Go ahead and click Submit.

  8. The drawer will close, returning you to the support file's page. The Assigned Employees grid will update with the information for each selected employee, and a validation message will show in the bottom-left corner.

  • To unassign an employee from a support file, click on the Delete icon on the far-right of their entry in the Assigned Employees grid.

  • To edit an employee's qualification information from the support file, click the Edit icon on their grid entry to open the support file's editing form, update the fields that need amending and press Submit & Close.

Creating a Training or Certification support file

  1. Go to HR > Skills & Training > Setup, make sure the Training tab is selected.

  2. Click on the Create (+) icon in the header toolbar.

  3. When the creation form loads in the drawer, choose whether to create a Training or a Certification entry.

  4. The creation form for the entry type you chose will load.

  5. Choose the company or companies the support file will be available on, give it a name, write out the Awarding Body and choose a proficiency level.

  6. When you're ready, click Submit & Close in the bottom right corner. If you want to submit the entry and create another one right away, click Create & Add Another instead.

The support file is now available to be assigned to employees, with one support file listed for each company selected in the creation form's dropdown.

Creating a Skills support file

  1. Go to HR > Skills & Training > Setup, then click on the Skills tab.

  2. Click on the Create (+) icon in the header toolbar.

  3. When the creation drawer opens, choose which company or companies to have the new skill support file available on, and enter the skill's name.

  4. When you're ready, press Submit.

You will now be able to find one newly created support file per designated company in Setup's Skills grid.

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