To set up a new clocking device:

  1. In the left sidebar of Indigo, click Time and Attendance.
  2. In the Main section, click Import clocking data.
  3. Select New Device in the bottom-left dropdown menu.
  4. Click the indigo banner in the centre and upload clocking data.
  5. Name your device.
  6. Click Save device & continue.

Click the Has header box if your clocking data includes headers in the files.

Next, configure your new device. The following values are mandatory for Indigo Time & Attendance to work properly:

  • Employee Code
  • Clocking Date (in)
  • Clocking Time (in)
  • Clocking Date (out)
  • Clocking Time (out)

Click Import after filling in the mandatory values. The new device will be configured to your Indigo system. 

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