Payroll Enhancements

  • The Leave Situation report has been optimized in order to improve its execution time.

Payroll Fixes

  • The 'Show Costs' option for the Scheduled Hours report will not be shown if costings is disabled.
  • Issue related to changing a single calculation after un-finalizing a payroll has been rectified so that not all payslips have to be regenerated and re published.
  • When exporting employee details to Excel, date column format is now being set to Date rather than General.
  • Issue with accumulated values from last year in the Leave Accruals report has been rectified.
  • Issue with user filters error when trying to generate a Leave History Report is now resolved.
  • Leave history report can now be generated as per report filter grid.
  • The grid in the Advance payments screen has been expanded to occupy the full screen.
  • A change in an employee's grade was effecting payroll reports generated prior to the change by showing the new grade when reports were re-printed. ┬áThis has been rectified and reports will now show the original grade.
  • The error which was generated in the Suggest a feature option has been fixed.
  • The reallocation of costs in the detailed report has been addressed to reflect the distribution of values according to configuration.
  • The issue has been fixed where an error was generated when calculating a payroll after calculating and finalising an advance payment payroll.
  • Any carriage returns added within the employee remarks and exported to excel are now being maintained.
  • When linking an employee to a portal user, system is now showing a notification when the linked user's email already exists in another tenant.

T&A Fixes

  • Scheduler will now take into consideration the 'Block to Date' after showing shift cost centers descriptions from the scheduler's View menu.
  • Clocking devices can now be able to be deleted from the clocking devices page.
  • Hourly Rate Multiplier within the Award/Penalties and Allocations pages has been modified to accept values between 0.10 and 1000 in all occurrences.
  • The Created By and Created On values for Attendance Exceptions are now being populated accordingly.
  • Punches could be deleted from the clockings screen even though the user had the related rights removed. ┬áThis has been fixed.
  • The problem with the generation of the Costs detailed Report has been addressed and this report can now be generated.
  • Timings For OFF Shifts are now showing correctly in both Quick Edit view and Shift Settings view.
  • When Choosing Per Hour Rule within the Rewards screen, user is now able to set the value in HHmm format.

New APIs

  • Payroll Groups Insert
  • Tax Profile Rates Insert
  • Tax Profile Rates Update
  • Citizenship Update
  • Citizenship Insert
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