How to set up a new clocking device

Learn how to add and configure a new clocking device to your Indigo system

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Indigo lets you set up a new clocking device for Attendance so that you can quickly import clocking data files into your system. When setting up the device, you will be instructing Indigo how to interpret clocking data files so that the clocking data can then be processed as attendance in your Clocking Data page.

To set up a new clocking device:

  1. Go to Attendance > Main > Import Clocking Data.

  2. Select New Device in the bottom-left dropdown menu.

  3. Click the indigo banner in the centre and upload clocking data.

  4. Name your device.

  5. Click Save device & continue.

Click the Has header box if your clocking data includes headers in the files.
Next, configure your new device. The following values are mandatory for Indigo Attendance to work properly:

  • Employee Code

  • Clocking Date (in)

  • Clocking Time (in)

  • Clocking Date (out)

  • Clocking Time (out)

Click Import after filling in the mandatory values. The new device will be configured to your Indigo system.ย 

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