This feature will allow the system to automatically check if the primary leave a is available to approve an employee's leave. If s/he isn't available, the system will then move the leave request to the next available leave authoriser.


Say that the number of days is set to 2 and an employee, Philip, has applied for a day of leave on 31st August. Philip applied on 18th August.

A screenshot of the organization chart that Philip is part of can be found below. The system will check if Philip's primary leave approver, Richie, has at least 2 working days within this authorisation period, from the 18th of August till the 31st of August (they do not need to be consecutive). This takes into consideration the Work Schedule Profile of Richie (working days, public holidays, weekends, ...).

If Richie is on away from the office for the most part of this period, and has less than 2 working days in total, the system will then check for the next available approver from the Organization Chart. Richie will take priority over other approvers since he is Philip's primary one, however if he isn't available, the system will then check Zachery's availability. When a new approver is found, two emails are sent:

  • One is sent to the primary approver, to inform him/her that a new approver has been found since he/she is not available within this period.

  • Another email is sent to the new approver to inform him/her that a leave request is awaiting approval. A notification will also be available in the Employee Portal, as per normal.

Note: This will only occur for requests in which the primary approver is not available. The check will be made for each request. In other words, the primary leave approver is always given priority over secondary ones.

Disabling the Feature

The feature can be disabled by leaving the setting on 0 (zero).  This way, only the primary leave approver is informed, and the system will not check for next available approvers, even if the primary approver is not available.

Setting up this Feature

This feature can be accessed from 'Settings' in the Payroll tab, and then 'Leave' in the Payroll tab again. This is highlighted in the screenshots below.

( 1 ): 'Settings' in the Payroll tab

( 2 ): Payroll tab

( 3 ): Approver Availability Setting in the Leave Section

Make sure to click the 'Edit' button before making amendments.


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