27th October 2017


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  • Removed the "No Tax Period function" as we now fully support the Tax Credits.

  • Fixed issue with navigation and paging in the Employee Payroll History tab.

  • Minor fixes in the Payroll report to support large figures.

  • The pie chart now correctly renders when generating payslips.

  • Limited the amount of calculations per employee per minute to 10 for security purposes.

  • Fixed FS3 records not being displayed in the grid in certain scenarios.

  • Termination popup was not re-loading termination date. This is now fixed.

  • Removed terminated employees from Anniversary & Birthday calendars.

  • Section F in the FS3 was not showing when issued for multiple terminated employees. This is now fixed.

  • Fixed an issue with approving a "leave cancellation request" by the Payroll user when cancellation was triggered from the Employee portal.

  • Fixed issue with employee portal resizing.

  • Fixed issue with movement of widgets on employee portal.

  • Payroll History tab in the employee screen was not showing post tax deductions.

  • Fixed issue when viewing mail templates.

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