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Voluntary Occupational Pension Scheme (VOPS)
Voluntary Occupational Pension Scheme (VOPS)

Assigning the Voluntary Occupational Pension Scheme (VOPS) to an Employee and the Employer

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The Voluntary Occupational Pension Scheme Rules, which have just been introduced by virtue of Legal Notice 228 of 2017 (the ‘Rules’), set out the fiscal measures announced in the 2017 Budget Speech relating to voluntary occupational pension schemes. They are the first set of tax measures introduced to incentivise an occupational pension system in Malta.

This scheme applies to employers, including self-occupied persons, associations representing employers and self-occupied person and companies who are registered as a payer for the purpose of the Final Settlement System Rules.

It is important to note that any contributions to such a pension scheme made by the employer shall not constitute to be a benefit for the purpose of the Fringe Benefits Rules.

VOPS is enabled in Indigo by default.

You are able to choose the pay item for the VOPS Analysis. In the VOPS Analysis field, enter or search for Employee VOPS.

The VOPS Pay Item Analysis is shown below.

Click Save once done.

The investment is split in two, one part is done by the Employee, and the other part is done by the Employer.

Employee VOPS - Click here to view how to set up VOPS for an Employee

Employer VOPS - Click here to view how to set up VOPS for the Employer

We have also provided a Report to display both the employer and employee VOPS data. Click here to see how you can generate this report.

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