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Setting Up the Company Payment Bank Account for Direct Credits
Setting Up the Company Payment Bank Account for Direct Credits

How to create the salaries bank account that the company will pay its salaries from

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Besides all the major Maltese Bank SEPA file type transfers, Indigo supports several others. Thus if the bank is already setup in the Banks tab together with the SEPA file type, you can use it to actually pay your employees from that bank.

So, before actually creating the company bank account, check first that everything is setup in the Banks tab and that you actually have the information to be used to accordingly.

For every bank that you have the SEPA file type inserted, you can then use it to actually pay with that Bank. To check it out go to HR > Employee Setup > Banks.

Setting Up

Now that you have confirmed that the respective bank is created, you can go to Payroll & Leave > Main > Settings > Payroll > Bank Accounts.

Once entered in the tab, click Insert ( + ) and enter the respective details:

  • Code - Enter a code that you will identify and relate to the employee that he will be paid from;

  • Bank Code - The actual Bank from banks that you are going to pay your employees

  • IBAN - The IBAN number of the company Bank account

  • Customer ID - A predefined identification number that is recognised between the company that applied for the Direct Credits and the Bank account (generally a 9 digits number or a combination of the characters and three numbers)

  • File Prefix & Suffix - These were for old systems but currently aren't used anymore.

Once you save the entry the code will be changed from what you have entered and an added '-001' with it. So when you choose it in the employee you have to select that. You can add as many banks as you want as then you will be selecting the relative bank from the employee section. Just don't forget that you need to have or transfer the respective Salaries amount in that particular bank.

You can create multiple company bank accounts by following the same process as above.

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