To assign shifts from your shift presets to your Scheduler:

  1. In the left sidebar of Indigo, click Attendance.

  2. In the Main section, click Scheduler.

  3. Click on an empty cell and type the name of a shift preset.

  4. Click on the shift to confirm its selection.

You can also click on the three-dot menu and select Insert Shift to add shifts to your Scheduler. 

Additionally, you can use the arrow keys (↑, ↓, , and ) on your keyboard to navigate the Scheduler. You can then type in the shift's name and press Enter to confirm its placement

Regular days off such as weekends may be left without a shift preset.  

When you have finished building your schedule for the week, you can print the schedule or export it to a PDF or Excel file.

Please note you are adding shifts for one particular day or week only. Weekly schedules that you build will not repeat in the following weeks.

To allocate shifts which repeat indefinitely throughout the year, create a shift pattern.

Additionally, you can:

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