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Making quick edits and adding remarks to an individual shift
Making quick edits and adding remarks to an individual shift

Learn how to make one-off changes to a shift's hours, cost centre, and attendance and break times without affecting the shift preset

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Making quick edits to an individual shift

  1. In the top-right corner of the Scheduler, click the Scheduler file menu.

  2. Click Quick Edit.

  3. Click on the shift you wish to edit.

  4. Make the edits you desire in Quick Edit, then click Save.

Changes made to a shift's hourly rate, cost centre, attendance time, and break time will not affect the same shift preset elsewhere in your Scheduler.

Adjusted shifts are marked as Detached by (d).

These adjustments to individual shifts within shift patterns will not affect future repetitions of that shift pattern.

You can show shift cost centres in the Scheduler by clicking View and then Show shift cost centres. Only shifts whose cost centres are different than the employee's default cost centre will appear in the shift's cell in your scheduler.

The quick edit panel has a Remarks field where you can add notes about the particular shift.

You can make complete changes or adjustments to a particular shift by opening its settings window in your Scheduler. 

You can also make custom schedule values to a shift in your Scheduler.

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