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How to use the Clocking Data page in Attendance
How to use the Clocking Data page in Attendance

Understand the layout of the Clocking Data screen, where you can import and analyse your company’s day-to-day clocking records

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The Clocking Data screen has three main sections: the toolbar, employee and clocking data, and issues and modifications.

The Toolbar

The toolbar contains, from left to right:

  • A date selector, where you can choose view certain time periods in your data.

  • A search bar. Click the magnifying glass button to open the search bar. 

  • Filters, where you can apply multiple filters at once to find specific data points.

  • File, where you can create a new data record, import clocking data, reprocess night shifts, delete multiple clockings, export clocking data, or print your clocking data.

Employee and Clocking Data

Information about your Employees, their clocking in and out times, their total work time, and the date and day of week can be found in the left side of the Clocking Data screen.

Click the column headers to sort the order in ascending or descending order.

Issues, Modifications, and Transferred Clockings

Any clocking issues, such as missing time in or out, can be found in the right side of the Clocking Data screen.

Click the pen icon to edit a clocking record for an employee. Click the trash can icon to delete that clocking.

The user who makes changes to clocking records will be listed in the Modified By column, along with the date the changes were made. 

If you make any changes in the clocking data, you will need to recalculate allocations in the Attendance Exceptions screen so that the attendance data can be updated.

Clockings that have been sent to Indigo Payroll for pay calculation will be marked as True in the Transferred column. Clockings yet to have been transferred will be marked as False.

After reviewing the layout of the Clocking Data screen, you can:

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