Generating a late arrival and early departure report

Learn how to run a report on late arrivals and early departures in your company's attendance records

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The late arrival/early departure report gathers these particular attendance exceptions into a single report. Clockings tagged as late or early arrival can be filtered into this report. 

The report provides the date, shift description, the expected versus actual time of the clocking, and the difference of that clocking. 

Assigning the required Permission Set

Before accessing and generating a late arrival/early departure report, you need to assign the TA_LateArrEarlyDepReport Permission set to your user account.

  1. From Indigo, go to Administration > Main > Permission Sets.

  2. Click on the user account to which you want to assign the TA_LateArrEarlyDepReportPermission permission set, and then click on the Unassigned Permissions tab.

  3. Select the TA_LateArrEarlyDepReportPermission set, and then click Insert (+) in the functions bar.

  4. Select all actions, and then click Save.

Generating a late arrival and early departure report

  1. From Indigo, go to Attendance > Reporting > Late Arrival/Early Departure Report.

  2. Select the cost centres and other options you want to include in the report.

  3. Click on Generate PDF to generate the report.

  • Date from/to - select the range of dates for this report.

  • Show - choose whether to show late arrivals only, early departures only, or all.

  • Employee type - select whether to include hourly paid, salary paid, and sub-contracted employees.

  • Grouping levels 1 and 2 - choose how you want the data in the report to be grouped. 

If you want Indigo to remember the settings for this report for future uses, check the Remember generated report settings at the bottom of the report setup panel.

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