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23rd April, 2020

Indigo | Functionality to amend Overtime Concessions and includes security and performance enhancements

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Indigo Platform

  • The pay item COVID Wage Supplement was made available earlier this month to help you calculate and report this supplement in your payrolls and filings. You can read more about how to use this supplement in our help article.

  • Internal improvements to penetration test procedures and lookup components, which enhance the security and performance, respectively, of Indigo.

Indigo Payroll enhancements

  • Indigo provides the functionality to overwrite the overtime concession tax value during the payroll calculation process. This allows you to amend according to your needs the overtime concessions amount that the system has calculated.

  • Indigo now supports for multiple company bank profiles to share the same BIC code in your Bank support files. This provides users the facility to process payment from the two different banks profiles sharing the same IBAN and BIC numbers. Follow this help article to create additional company bank accounts.

Indigo Payroll improvements and fixes

  • We made fixes to the audit log report. There were instances where server errors occurred while selecting employees and HTML tags were displayed under Remarks in PDF versions of the report.

  • Editing an existing record for restricted days in your system has been stabilized and will not produce errors. 

  • Sick leave requests appear as pending in the sick leave request audit page as expected.

  • The system will verify and accept +/-10 years relative to the current date when entering the effective dates of basic pays. Effective dates should be set no earlier than exactly 10 years prior and no later than exactly 10 years later. This is to help users avoid entering invalid dates for basic pay. 

  • Stability and performance enhancements made to the overtime report.

  • FS3 e-mail templates to employees have received visual enhancements. 

  • Validations for imported leave entry referential fields (LeaveTypeCode, LeaveGroup, LeaveHourScheduleDetail, and so on) are no longer case sensitive. This means that, for example, "vac20" as written on an import template sheet will register with the "VAC20" leaves support file in your system, and no errors will be produced.

  • Stability issues to the disable date validations setting for payroll calculations have been fixed and the setting works as expected.

  • Importing clocking data that contains seconds (for example, hh:mm:ss as a time format) will not give the system errors upon being imported.

Indigo Time & Attendance improvements and fixes

  • The block dates functionality in the Scheduler received stability enhancements. 

  • Import clocking error pop-ups provide users the employee name and allocation date which are preventing the clocking import. 

  • Adjusting leave entitlements for employees in your system is faster thanks to improvements made to Time & Attendance's filtering (GetFilter) methods. 

  • Improvements made to the Scheduler in regards to calculating the total allocated hours for an employee for a week. 

  • We have fixed an issue where deleted leave entries from the leave audit request page would sometimes remain visible on the Scheduler after importing updated leave. Deleted leave entries now will not appear on the Scheduler after refreshed leave data is imported.

  • The performance of importing leave data to the Scheduler has been improved. 

Indigo Mobile improvements and fixes

  • We have stabilized clocking errors caused by users trying to register a clocking during the changeover of the next minute. To fix this, a one-minute leeway has been provided for clock ins to be communicated to the server.

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