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Manage Sick Leave Requests
Manage Sick Leave Requests

Sick Leave Requests Audit

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About Sick Leave Requests in the Out of Office widget

Pending Sick Leave Requests can be accessed from the Out of Office widget in the Employee Portal.

The Sick Leave Requests Audit screen will popup, which allows you to manage sick leave requests as necessary.

Sort and View Details

Sorting is available in the top left hand side of the window, allowing you to sort by date or by employee.

Clicking on a record will show various details that are available in the request, including any tags associated with the employee. As an example we can create a record tag on the employee called #medical-certificate and that could indicate that this employee needs a medical certificate every time he takes any sick leave. Read more about tags here.

Approve or Decline Sick Leave Requests

Sick Leave Requests can be approved or declined individually or in bulk.

You can click on Approve or Decline accordingly for each record as shown above. Clicking on the 'X' next to each record will clear your selection. You can also click on Approve All, or Decline All at the top right side of the screen, and then amend records accordingly. Similar to the 'X' next to each record, a "clear all" button will show up next to these two buttons once an option is selected.

Click on Submit at the bottom once you're ready. Clicking Close will not save any changes made.

Create New Sick Leave Records

When clicking "Create Leave" at the bottom, you can create a new Sick Leave record for employees.

Input the information accordingly in the following window, and click submit.

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