The Proximity feature and how to enable it

Proximity populates your Scheduler on your behalf by allocating shifts to employees according to their clocking times

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About the Proximity Feature

The Proximity feature in Attendance populates your Scheduler by using actual clocking data that you import into the system. This means that you can build your Scheduler by importing clocking data into Indigo.

Proximity works by comparing an employee's first clock-in time of the day against the nearest timings of the shift presets in your system in order to determine which shift to allocate to the employee. When an approximate shift is identified, Indigo will allocate that shift for the employee in the Scheduler.

To help the system accurately allocate shifts by proximity to the employees in your system, it is recommended to assign shift presets to groups (cost centres, occupations, or organisation groups).

For Proximity to work as intended:

  • The feature must be enabled in settings.

  • Shifts presets that you wish to be available for Proximity should be assigned to groups of employees in the shift's settings.

  • An employee's work schedule profile must allow the employee to be eligible to clock in for an available proximity shift.

Enabling Proximity in Attendance

  1. Go to Attendance > Main > Settings.

  2. Click on Attendance in the left sidebar, then click on Shift Identification.

  3. Click on Edit (pen icon) in the functions bar.

  4. Click the Enable Identification by Proximity checkbox.

  5. Click Save (check mark icon) in the functions bar to enable Proximity.

When you have enabled Proximity, you can configure your shift presets to be used for the feature.

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