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Configuring shift presets for Proximity

It is recommended to assign shift presets to employee groups when allowing Indigo to auto-allocate shifts in your Scheduler by proximity

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Configuring shift presets for Proximity

After enabling Proximity for your Indigo system, you can configure new or existing shift presets so that they can be allocated in your Scheduler by proximity to the actual timings found in imported clocking data.

We advise you to do the following to ease the process of allocating shifts in your Scheduler by proximity:

  • Make shift presets accessible to specific groups via cost centres, occupations, or organisation groups, or a combination of all types.

  • Properly configure your clocking devices in the system.

Making shifts accessible for employees

The shift presets that you want to be allocated via proximity in your Scheduler need to be assigned to the groups of employees who work these shifts. Shift accessibility allows you to choose groups of employees by occupation, cost centre, or organisation groups.

In this way, any time an employee belonging to this group clocks in for work, the system will allocate shifts with timings that are in proximity to the employee's actual clocking in time.

As seen in the illustration below, you can choose multiple occupations, cost centres, and organisation groups for each shift preset.

To make a shift accessible for proximity:

  1. Go to Attendance > Setup > Shift Presets.

  2. In the left sidebar, click on the shift which you want to make accessible for proximity.

  3. Click on the Select employee groups button next to Shift accessibility.

  4. Select one or more groups of employees by occupation, cost centre, or organisation group in the pop-up window.

  5. After selecting your desired groups, close the pop-up window.

  6. Click the Save button to save your changes.

Now this shift preset will only allocate by proximity to employees belonging to the groups you selected.

Please note that shift presets are accessible to all employees when they are not assigned to any groups. When shifts are not assigned to groups, they are eligible to be allocated to any employee in your Scheduler. This means the system may allocate multiple shifts for one day for an employee.

When you have configured your shift presets to work optimally with Proximity, you can:

You can assign employees to occupations or cost centres by going to the Organisation Details section of employee profiles

Blocking a shift preset from Proximity

You can tell Indigo to prevent a shift preset from being identified by Proximity when configuring the shift preset.

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