25th September 2020

Indigo | Fixes to issues in the pro rata leave entitlement page

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This is a quick fix for Indigo version 1.79:

  • We fixed a bug that was preventing users from exporting a report or generating pay or leave entitlements from the pro rata leave entitlement page. These issues were caused by public holidays selected as the leave type with which users wanted to pay off or update or use in an exported report.
    Generating leave entitlements or exporting a leave entitlement report from the pro rata leave entitlement page now work as expected.

  • Employer signatures were not showing up on some FS5 forms. We have also fixed this.

  • Finally, imported leave into the Scheduler cannot be deleted by using backspace on your keyboard. We fixed a problem that was allowing one to delete imported leave with the backspace keyboard shortcut.

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