26th November 2020

Indigo | T&A recalculation process optimisation

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Today's Indigo Suite update offers an optimised T&A recalculation process which can handle more data in less amount of time.

Indigo also includes a number of other enhancements and improvements to many areas of the system, including both Payroll and T&A modules.

Indigo Platform enhancements

  • New permissions will now be auto assigned to the Admin permission set.

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • Issue with side menu layout and styling on Safari and mobile browsers has been fixed.

  • OT concession gross amounts appear in detailed payroll reports as expected.

  • Issue with balances reported on the Leave Entitlement report when having user filters has been fixed.

  • FSS Info report is now matching FSS Report.

  • Issue with semicolon email separator in payroll settings has been fixed.

  • Leave Situation Report is now applying grid filters when user is assigned with user filters.

  • Change Error to Warning When inserting Advance Payments which exceed the basic pay, the system will now give a warning rather than an error message.

  • Issue with Grid Filtering for Leave History has been fixed.

  • Global Leave Entitlement issue when assigning a full allocation when employee works less hours has been fixed.

  • When user selects an employee's country / citizenship using the popup's grid, the system is now accepting the selected value.

  • Net amount rounding exported in the Sparkasse Bank direct credit file generated from Indigo was corrected to reflect the new rounding validations imposed by the bank.

  • Issues where the scroll up and down buttons in the payslip preview panel of payroll were missing have been fixed.

  • Issue creating new Mail Templates has been fixed.

  • Payslip statuses following a payslip regeneration update correctly.

  • Payslips in the My Payslips widget of the Employee Portal are organised in a descending chronological order from right to left (descending by date from right to left) in the same way that FS3s are in the My FS3s widget.

Indigo Time & Attendance enhancements

  • The T&A recalculation process was significantly optimised and is now capable of reprocessing more data in less time.

Indigo Time & Attendance fixes and improvements

  • Midnight shift allocation issues with Proximity have been fixed.

  • There were issues where values from the Budgeting and Costings widgets in the Scheduler were not matching the values reported in the scheduled hours report. These have been fixed, and the values between the widgets and the report match as expected.

  • Shifts of type OFF are now being reported as Off shifts in the scheduler export report.

  • Issue with Early Departure tag in the Resolve Attendance Exceptions page has been fixed.

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