6th January 2021

Indigo | More details on leave request submissions and new payslip API integration possibilities.

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Happy new year!

This is the first major update for the Indigo Suite for 2021. Indigo provides enhancements to the leave approval window and offers a new payslip API request to be used for your different business software solutions.

We are looking forward to another great year of development for your Indigo Suite of business solutions! Please continue reading below to discover all the improvements and enhancements we have made in this first major update of the new year.


Enhanced leave approval window and leave submission audit details in the leave approval window

The leave approval window received some enhancements. First, we've added viewing and sorting options for the leave requests pending your approval. You can sort the leave requests by:

  • Leave date and employee code

  • Leave date and leave request date and time

  • Leave date and employee name

We've also added a new pop-up in the approve leave request window which details who submitted the leave request and when the request was made -- including date and time. This data helps leave authorisers determine whether the leave request was made by the employee or by another user on behalf of the employee.

To see leave submission data, hover your mouse over the employee's name in the approve leave window, as illustrated below.

Integrate employee payslip data to other business software solutions

Payslip APIs are now available in our developer's portal. This allows you to retrieve employee payslip data from Indigo and integrate that date to your other business solutions applications.

The Get Payslip API call allows you to interface payslip data from Indigo with other business software that you may be using in our organisation -- especially useful for HR applications.

Once you have Indigo communicating with other applications via the Get Payslip API, you will be able to retrieve payslip data from Indigo to that other software. You can receive payslips either via a URL link to a thumbnail view or a PDF version of the payslip. You also have the choice to retrieve payslips according to date range, payroll period, or payroll code.

Please note that only certain authorised users of Indigo -- ones who can access employee payslips in the system -- will be able to fully utilise this API process.

To learn more about our APIs or to get your development team started with our APIs, please visit or developer's help centre.

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • Audit logs show "modified by" details for payroll calculation deletions as expected.

  • Rendering and form view UI issues with the company creation screen have been fixed.

  • The "draft" watermark won't appear on payslip previews in the employee portal for finalized payrolls.

  • Maternity leave fund contributions cannot be modified in the employee portal as expected.

  • F4 values are correctly reported in FS7s.

  • The FS3 link in the FS3 e-mail generated by Indigo takes the user to the PDF version of the report rather than the report viewer.

  • The "Remarks" field in the leave application form is enabled after the dates of the leave are selected.

  • An employee's leave appears in the My leave planner widget regardless of which company the employee has open in their Indigo portal.

  • Payrolls cannot be deleted from the payroll report page.

  • The import button in the leave write off page remains active at all times as expected. There were instances where the button was disabled despite the user having manually inserted data into the page.

Indigo Time & Attendance fixes and improvements

  • Non-T&A employees do not appear in scheduled hours reports as expected.

  • Problems in allocating shifts in the Scheduler have been fixed. An object reference error was preventing some shifts from being inserted in the Scheduler.

  • Employees in Time & Attendance whose punch type is set to "none" and who have no clockings in the system will not have any "late arrival" or "early departure" tags attributed to them.

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