How to resubmit leave records

You can easily edit and reapply leave requests in Indigo without having to cancel them and then filling out the form all over again.

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You may have situations where employees take different leave hours than what they had applied for (and which were approved) in your system. To amend leave records which accurately reflect the actual leave taken by your employees, you can use the resubmit functionality in the Leave Request Audit.

Using the resubmit button in Leave allows you to amend leave records without having to cancel the record outright and then resubmitting it manually.

When resubmitting a leave record, the system will pull up the leave application form with the original leave request detail filled in. After clicking resubmit, you can amend the leave record accordingly, and then click Resubmit.

The resubmitted leave record will be approved and the employee's leave balance will be updated.

If resubmitting the leave record fails (because of errors or omissions in the leave application form), the original leave record is retained.

Enabling the Resubmit column in Leave

The Resubmit column is enabled in your leave audit grid by default.

If you do not see the column in your system, it may be that your custom grid setup is preventing its visibility. It is advised that you clear your custom grid state in order to have the Resubmit column visible to you.

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