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Employee Portal Setup Guide
Employee Portal Setup Guide

This three-step guide will show you how to set up the Employee Portal in Indigo.

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The Employee Portal is a self-service module in Indigo where employees can see their leave balances, request time off, see who is away, and quickly access important company information.

Setting up the Employee Portal for employees in your systems requires just three steps.

Step 1: Insert the work email address for each employee

In Employees, click on the employee whose Employee Portal you want to set up and click Edit. You then need to insert an email address under the Work Email field in the Contact Details section. This email address is where the employee will receive the "Welcome to Indigo" email (see Step 3). It will also be their login name when using the Employee Portal.

Employees will receive further messages from the Employee Portal (such as notifications on leave approvals and other system-related messages) on this email address. The address can be any address; it does not have to belong to your company's work email domain.

Tip: You can insert employee work emails by bulk by using import functionality with Excel.

Step 2: Set up the Organisation Chart

The next step is to set up your leave organisation chart in Indigo Payroll. This is for leave purposes, and it might differ from the real organisation chart of your company. The organisation chart in Indigo determines who can approve leave for whom. All employees, including subordinates, should be in the chart, and not just the leave authorisers.

Your organisation chart is found in HR > Employee Setup > Organisation. The video below demonstrates how you can create your organisation chart.

You can also follow this article to find out how to set up the chart.

Step 3: Create user accounts and invite employees to the Portal

Once the above steps are done, you can start sending the "Welcome to Indigo" email to your employees. This has to be done one by one, and we recommend to roll it out gradually. When the user receives the welcome email, they will be asked to create a password for their Employee Portal.

We have an article that describes how you can link employees to new user accounts so that they can start using the Indigo Employee Portal.

If you would like in-depth training and tutorials on how to set up and use the Employee Portal, we kindly invite you to register for our free and on-demand Indigo Training videos.

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