Importing schedule records to your Scheduler

You can allocate shifts in your Scheduler via Excel spreadsheet imports

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In addition to allocating shifts in your Scheduler by using your keyboard, you can also import schedule records via Excel spreadsheets into the system. The Import scheduler records function is a great way to allocate schedule records such as pre-approved overtime or exceptional shifts by bulk.

The function is found in your Scheduler, under File > Import scheduler records.

The function also allows you to export a template spreadsheet that you can use to add your Scheduler records.

When you are ready to import the file into Indigo, click on Import scheduler records, upload your file, and then click on Import.

Feature updates

A system update from 9 March 2021 included the following enhancements:

  • A detached shift is automatically created for shifts "updated" with break times by an imported shift of the same code.

  • The system will proceed to import a shift that overlaps the timing of an off-day shift that was previously allocated in the Scheduler. No warnings will be issued for these overlaps.

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