10th June 2021

Indigo | "No clockings" exceptions tag added, shift pattern enhancements, new columns for Attendance grids, plus other fixes.

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Indigo comes with a number of enhancements and tweaks for shift patterns in Attendance. These include a better way to create shift patterns (copy and paste work, and you can create patterns that are up to 600 days long!).

We have made the Resolve Attendance Exceptions page more customisable for you by adding several new data columns for you to choose and arrange as you please.

Plus, a new exceptions tag called No clockings has been added, allowing you to filter out and extract a list of employees who were absent.

You will find these and other useful improvements and fixes to your Indigo Suite.


Indigo Payroll enhancements

  • Improvements to how OT tax calculations are handled in our migration tool have been made. FSS tax for an employee is calculated correctly when that employee has OT concessions tax also calculated in a payroll

Indigo Payroll fixes and improvements

  • Overtime values on cheque payslips are reported accurately as expected.

  • Decimals have been removed taxes reported in total extended payroll reports.

  • Issues with generating a totals extended payroll report as an Excel report not working have been fixed.

  • User filters that restrict an employee from being shown in the Out of Office widget of the Portal works again as designed.

  • Indigo redirects users to the correct page when enforcing user to change a password.

Indigo Attendance enhancements

  • You can now filter attendance exceptions by No clockings, allowing you to extract a list of Attendance employees who were absent. You will see a new exceptions tag in the attendance exceptions page: "No clockings."

  • You can now create shift patterns that are 600 days long.

  • Some improvements have been made to how total hours are summed in the Scheduler in order to provide you with more accurate total schedule hours. When the Deduct approved leave from absence, worked hours and costings option is enabled in Payroll > Settings > Time and Attendance > Allocations, imported approved leave records will not be included in neither the total hours column nor the costings window.

  • Frequency, payroll group, department, section, and unit are now all columns that can be optionally enabled for the Resolve Attendance Exceptions data grid.

  • Improvements to the send to payroll functionality have been made. All approved leave records will be sent to payroll even when one of the leave records fails to be approved. Before, a failed leave record would prevent all other approved leave records from being sent to Indigo Payroll.

Indigo Attendance fixes and improvements

  • Visual and performance issues when adding or arranging columns in the data grids of pages in Attendance have been fixed. In all pages, your custom column arrangements are saved and persisted on future uses.

  • We fixed an allocation calculation issue that was producing incorrect Attendance Less Exception values for shifts with paid and tracked flexible break times.

  • Users lacking the HR_EmployeePay permission set for their user profile cannot see amounts, rates, unit amounts, and value per hour fields in allocation reports as expected.

  • Clocking locations taken from the same location are reported in the system correctly as expected. There were issues where clockings taken from the same position were not tracked properly by Attendance (latitude and longitude unable to be tracked).

  • Regular absence calculations work as expected.

  • Sorting issues for data in columns have been fixed.

  • An issue with copying and pasting shifts in the Shifts Preset page has been fixed.

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