The Shift Patterns screen and creating shift patterns

Build sets of diverse attendance patterns to use in your Scheduler.

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The Shift Patterns screen is where you can create any variety of attendance patterns to be used in your Scheduler. There is no limit to how many shift patterns you can create.

Shift patterns can be anything from a standard Monday-Friday office schedule to rotational schedules of any length. You can define the length of the pattern by setting the pattern size during shift pattern configuration.

Your shift patterns appear on the left side of the screen. Shift patterns created both in this screen or from the Scheduler itself will appear in this list.

Once a shift pattern is allocated to at least one employee in the Scheduler, the pattern cannot be edited.

Creating a new Shift Pattern

Click on + New Pattern in the top-right corner of the Shift Patterns screen. The following details are required:

  • Pattern name: enter a name for the shift pattern. You will type in this name into the scheduler when you want to allocate the pattern to an employee.

  • Description: add a description about the shift pattern. (Optional)

  • Pattern size: enter the amount of days which this shift pattern will cover.

  • Pattern: enter shift presets into the numbered cells of the pattern.

When finished, click the Save button.

Here are some tips to consider when creating shift patterns in your Indigo system:

  • If an employee does not work on the weekend (a standard Monday-Friday workweek), leave the last two cells of a 7-day shift pattern blank.

  • Adjust the pattern size as needed for rotational shifts. For example, if an employee works a 3-2 rotational schedule, adjust the pattern size to 5.

After creating a shift pattern, you can allocate that pattern to employees in your Scheduler.


How do I edit the details of a shift pattern from the Shift Pattern screen?

You can edit shift pattern details - the pattern name and description - after it has been allocated at least once in your Scheduler.

To edit the details of a shift pattern:

  1. In the Shift Patterns page, click on a shift pattern from the list on the left.

  2. Change the name and description as needed.

  3. Click on Save.

Can I edit shifts within a shift pattern in the Shift Pattern screen?

The shifts within shift patterns cannot be edited from the Shift Pattern screen. Edits to shift patterns must be done in the Scheduler.

The following two articles explain how you can edit shift patterns:

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