22nd December 2021 | All SSC, Maternity Leave Fund, Short Term Benefits, OT Tax Concession, and Tax Rates set for 2022

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Hello again,

Welcome to the final final update for 2021, containing everything needed to transition to 2022 seamlessly!

The team has taken care to implement all the necessary changes concerning tax (both overtime tax concession and the new part-time tax rate) and non-tax contributions (such as social security contributions, the maternity leave fund and short term benefits) that are compliant to the measures announced in the last Budget. These will come into effect automatically across Indigo on 1st January 2022, so you don't need to worry about setting them up yourself.

We also have a handful of improvements in both Payroll and Time and Attendance modules, affecting Leave resubmission, Payroll Global Advance Payment, Payroll reports, the appearance of T&A screens, and Rewards and Penalties functionality.

As it is the end of year, here is a reminder for those who need it of some useful articles to help you with Indigo's usual end-of-year processes:

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Payroll Enhancements

  • The system has been updated with the support records required for 2022. This includes the following:

    • Tax Rates

    • SSC Rates & Maternity Leave Fund Rates

    • Short Term Benefits Rates (Sick/Injury Benefits)

    • Statutory Bonus Rates

  • As part of our efforts to be in line with the Budget 2022 measures concerning Part-Time Tax rates, the Standard Part-Time tax rate has been set to automatically switch to 10% as of Payrolls which are calculated for the year 2022. Moreover, the Part-Time Tax Profiles have been amended as follows:

    • 'PT-15' has been recoded to 'PT-STANDARD'; the description now reads 'FSS Part-Time Standard Tax Rate' (Automatically switches between 15% and 10% depending on the year of the payroll).

    • 'PT-7.5' has been recoded to 'PT-SPECIAL'; the description now reads 'Special 7.5% Tax Rate'.

    • 'PT-0' has been recoded to 'NON-TAXABLE'; the description now reads 'Non-Taxable'.

  • We have made the necessary changes in keeping with the Budget 2022 measures regarding Overtime Taxation. This ensures that from 1st January 2022, the overtime concession in Indigo works on a value basis for capping of the first €10,000 earned through overtime. In keeping with this, we have added the following field in the Employee Previous Employment information:

    This field displays the balance of the OT Concession Value gathered throughout the year from all previous employment.

  • We have added the possibility to view employee remarks in Payroll Calculations. You can view these by selecting the column from the column selector, and these will be displayed in the left-hand grid.

  • The Payroll Description shows on multiple reports including Payroll Totals Reports, Adjustments Reports, Overtime Reports and many more.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • Resubmitting Leave functionality is working as expected.

  • The right sidebar in Payroll Global Advance Payment is functioning as intended.

  • Linking a new employee to a new user will no longer give a false warning when working correctly.

  • When issuing a Detailed Payroll Report for multiple payrolls, the generated file name for both Excel and PDF formats will now be limited to the report name and period.

  • When merging a Payroll Report, all functions and menus are again accessible.

  • Payroll Totals report titles have been shortened and simplified for improved clarity.

Time and Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • We implemented the footer containing the chat icon across all T&A screens.

  • When choosing 'Allocate time' and 'Add overtime' under Rules in the Rewards screen, the subsequent fields are now displayed automatically.

  • In Rewards and Penalties Presets, when changing the pay item type to 'Add Allowance (formula)' or 'Deduct Allowance (formula)', the subsequent fields are refreshed as expected.

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