24th February 2022 | New rule for Deduct Basic Hours; adding Shift Patterns for multiple employees; improvements to the Scheduler, and more

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This concise update brings changes to Time and Attendance, and improvements throughout Indigo.

Our T&A users can now assign and clear shift patterns to a bulk of employees at one go, saving them time. We have also added a way to deduct basic pay for hourly employees, so as to be able to allocate different rates to shifts without making manual adjustments.

For further detail on these goodies and more, keep reading!

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  • Descriptions of Permissions have been updated to be more easily understood.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • The Electronic Lodgement is processing employees with only a tax registration number as expected.

  • We have implemented further checks to the finalisation of the Payroll Calculation.

  • The company selection drop down menu works as intended when the browser is zoomed in.

  • In Employees, when linking a new employee profile to a username and clicking 'Create', a notification message will appear if the username is invalid.

Time and Attendance Enhancements

  • It is now possible to deduct the basic pay for hourly employees when giving an allowance instead. You can do this by adding a rule of type 'Allocate time': 'Deduct basic hours' on to the Reward you wish to assign as per below:

  • In the Scheduler, we have added the possibility to assign and clear shift patterns for multiple employees. You can find these new options in the Scheduler's File menu:

    Click the links to learn more about assigning multiple patterns and clearing multiple patterns.

Time and Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • The clockings display popup in the Scheduler behaves as expected when using the search bar or filter function.

  • The lock icon for locked shifts is displaying as intended in the Scheduler.

  • The modal for assigning rewards and penalties in Shift Presets has been optimised for smaller screens.

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