22nd April 2022 | Daily Attendance, Employee Salary Package Export, Target Attendance Allocation Summary facelift, new time limit for Punches data

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This Easter our team has loaded up on figolli and chocolate to bring you the latest Indigo update, full of good things bound to make your Payroll and Attendance lives easier!

Make sure to check out our newest feature, Daily Attendance, which is guaranteed to simplify things for users that don't need a scheduler but still need to organise their employees' hours; and don't forget to read up on all our Payroll and Attendance Enhancements.

You know what to do!

New Feature: Daily Attendance

To facilitate processes for establishments that don't have or need a complex schedule, but still want to track employees' hours, our team brings you Daily Attendance, made up of Daily Attendance Profiles, adding on to the functionality of our existing Daily Attendance Exceptions and Allocations.

What is Daily Attendance for Non-Scheduler Employees?

Daily Attendance calculates attendance on a daily basis for employees that do not need to be included in the Scheduler. The calculation takes into consideration leave, excess, rewards, and penalties. It also allows the user to compare projected daily attendance with actual daily attendance for such employees. Please note that night shifts are not supported for non-scheduler employees in Daily Attendance.

Read more here.

Payroll Enhancements

  • You can now export the Employee Salary Package comparison results to Excel.

  • We have added 2 new columns called 'Cancellation Requested by', and 'Cancellation Approved by' to the Leave Request Audit, so it is now possible to view who requested and approved leave request cancellations.

  • When manually posting Leave that exceeds the entitlement of the employee, Indigo now returns a more detailed message to include which employee has been affected, along with their current remaining leave balance.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • Applying for Leave twice in the same instance from the Dashboard is working as expected without having to refresh the page.

  • The figures in the Audit Report for Employee Basic Pay are displaying as expected.

  • Export Calculation Leave brings up results only for the current payroll, as intended.

  • Changing a Pay Item from a finalised payroll will now trigger a warning message, unless the end date is the last day of the last payroll within the pay item's range - in which case no warning will be shown. If, on the other hand, the payroll in question is not finalised then an error message will be shown and the user will not be able to save any changes to the pay item until the calculation is deleted or the payroll is finalised.

  • For greater clarity, the hyphens (-) in all information tips in the Payslip have been replaced with equals signs (=).

Attendance Enhancements

  • The summary section of the Target Attendance Allocation modal has been improved for greater clarity.

  • Alternate rows now have a shaded background to better differentiate between individual rows in the Scheduler.

  • The Total Hours column is now included when printing the Employee Schedule report.

  • The time limit for the Punches Import service has been extended from 60 seconds to a minimum of 5 minutes and maximum of 1 hour, with defaults capped at 10 minutes. This enables the administrator to configure the service to send data at longer intervals than before.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • The Total Hours column in the Send to Payroll Preview report has been adjusted to ensure that text is never split across multiple pages.

  • We have made several minor visual improvements to the Scheduler.

  • Overtime shifts with two conditions are being displayed as expected in the Scheduler.

  • The Settings option is no longer enabled in the menu for empty slots in the Scheduler.

  • The Clocking Tooltip has been updated as follows:

    • Closing the tooltip is possible by clicking on the close icon.

    • Locking the tooltip by clicking the lock icon, so that the tooltip remains open even when clicking elsewhere on the screen. The tooltip remains locked until the page is refreshed.

    • The titles have been amended.

    • The Clocking tooltip never overlaps the employee's schedule.

  • The keyboard's Enter button now functions as a save button in the Scheduler.

  • Net Hours are refreshed correctly when using cut/paste in the Scheduler.

  • Creating a pattern in the Scheduler via user selection will always take into consideration all types of overtime shifts.


  • The MyDetails API now retrieves information identifying whether employees can apply for leave or not.

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