Using the Who's In report

Find out who is punched in using the Who's In report

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About the Who's In report

Attendance users can use the Who's In report to check which staff members have active punches, so as to identify which T&A users are in attendance. Note: The report is based on the latest imported punches. Terminated employees are not included in the report.

You can access the Who's In report by clicking on Attendance > Reporting > Who's In.

In the Who's In screen you will see four tabs: Payroll Company, Employee, Department, and Cost Centre.

Running the Who's In report

  1. Select the payroll company for which you wish to generate the report.

  2. After point 1, there are two options:

    1. Populate the settings and generate the report.

    2. Select another tab. For example, selecting the Department tab as below will show you all the departments available for the selected company; you can then either generate the report for all the departments or choose which departments for which to run the report.

  3. Then populate the settings and generate the report.

Report Example:

In the above example, you can see the clock in date and time for each employee. The report is grouped by department and ordered alphabetically by employee name. In this case, the option to include mobile and portal punches was ticked.

Report Settings


  • Show Department: check this box to show the employees' department.

  • Show Section: check this box to show the employees' section.

  • Show Unit: check this box to show the employees' unit.

  • Show Cost Centre: check this box to show the employees' cost centre.

  • Include all staff: check this box to include all staff.

  • Include clockings from Mobile Devices and Employee Portal: check to include such punches, or leave unticked to exclude them.

  • Sort Order: a choice of Employee Code or Employee Full Name.

  • Page Break Type: choose from None, After Group Level 1, and After All Group Levels.

Grouping: you can choose up to three groupings for the report, with the choices being Company, Cost Centre, Department, Section, and Unit.

Template: only Standard is available for this report.

Actions: tick the option 'remember generated report settings' if you want Indigo to save your chosen settings for future Who's In reports.

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