What is People Insights?

People Insights lets you view your company's data metrics in a way that provides useful snapshots, thanks to various charts and dashboards powered by Microsoft's Power BI.

Where is it?

Go to Insights > Main > People Insights.


People Insights contains several dashboards displaying important data. Note: Several dashboards are only available on the premium tier.

  • Summary

The Summary dashboard hosts the following summarised data, giving you a bird's eye view of the company's staff statistics:

  • Year-To-Date: New Employees

  • Year-To-Date: Headcount

  • Year-To-Date: Terminated Employees

  • Headcount:

    • By Date

    • By Employment Type

    • By Generation

    • By Cost Centre

    • By Gender

  • Age

The Age dashboard shows data for Average Age by Cost Centre, Headcount by Generation, and Average Years of Service by Generation. This data can be viewed separately or in a combined mode.

  • Gender

In the Gender dashboard, users can view their company headcount by gender alone, or by gender and cost centre.

  • Headcount

In the Headcount dashboard, there are two main charts, one for Employed and Terminated Employees by Date and another for Headcount by Date; both of these can be filtered by Cost Centre.

  • Turnover

The Turnover dashboard displays data for the Turnover by Year (which can be filtered to show specific years), as well as a break-down of the staff turnover per year, shown in terms of Headcount, Terminated Employees and Employed Employees.

  • Leave Balances

In this dashboard, the user can view Sick Leave Used and Vacation Leave Balance, both by Cost Centre. There is also an option to include booked leave.

  • Sick Leave Taken

Users can view Sick Leave by Day of the Week or by Week, and can filter according to Cost Centre.

  • Payroll Costs

The final dashboard covers payroll costs, which can be used to view the total cost using the Company Cost tab; or it can be used to view specific costs, such as Payroll, Basic Salary, Adjustment, or Overtime.

The data available for each tab is By Cost Centre, By Year, and By Current vs Prior Year. The display can be tweaked by filtering for Date Range, Quarterly Range, Payroll Type Group, and Cost Centre.

There are three graphs presenting data for the total cost that remain visible no matter which tab you select: FTE by Year, Avg. Hourly Rate by Year, and Leave % of Total Hours by Year.

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