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Introduction to People Insights
Introduction to People Insights
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What is People Insights?

People Insights lets you view your company's data metrics in a way that provides useful snapshots, thanks to various charts and dashboards powered by Microsoft's Power BI.

Where is it?

Go to Insights > Main > People Insights.


People Insights contains several dashboards displaying important data. Note: Several dashboards are only available on the premium tier.


The Summary dashboard hosts the following summarised data, giving you a bird's eye view of the company's staff statistics:

  • Year-To-Date: New Employees

  • Year-To-Date: Headcount

  • Year-To-Date: Terminated Employees

  • Headcount:

    • By Year and Month

    • By Employment Type

    • By Age Bracket

    • Engagements/Terminations

    • By Gender


In the Headcount dashboard there are the following charts:

  • Headcount across years

  • Engagements/Terminations

  • Current Headcount by Age Bracket

  • Current Headcount by Gender

Premium Version

With Premium access, you have more data categories available for viewing in the 'Current Headcount by' charts - rather than just the Age Bracket and Gender. Choose from up to 16 different fields available in the dropdown menus:

  • Age Bracket

  • Gender

  • Occupation

  • Town

  • Years in Service

  • Is Casual Worker

  • Employee Type

  • Country

  • Department

  • Company Code

  • Cost Centre

  • Nationality

  • Tax Profile

  • Civil Status

  • Academic Level

  • Weekly Hours


The Turnover dashboard displays your turnover data, made up of terminations and new hires, in several charts and graphs.

Leave Balances

View Vacation Leave data, by Year, Leave Type, and Department or Cost Centre, to track trends and help you with resource planning.

Sick Leave Analysis

Use this dashboard to view sick leave across your company, helping you analyse norms, trends and anomalies more easily.

Payroll Costs

This dashboard covers payroll costs, which can be used to view the total cost using the Company Cost tab; or it can be used to visualise specific cost reports, such as the Payroll, Basic Salary, or Adjustment reports.

Payroll Costs Adjustments

This dashboard helps you view and analyse pay items that are over and above expected costs. You can see how these change over time and compare them across the years.

Forecasting Costs

Work out a forecast of your company's monthly costs using this dashboard. You can calculate costs based on Payroll, Overtime, Company Cost, Basic Salary, and Adjustments.

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