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Accessing People Insights
Accessing People Insights

Find out how to access Indigo's People Insights feature and how to give access to your users

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How can I access People Insights?

People Insights is switched on for clients by Shireburn Software staff. Once switched on, People Insights is available throughout a tenant for all of the tenant's companies.

Which users will have access?

The admin users with rights to view every company on the tenant will have access to People Insights and can then give access to payroll users as needed. If a payroll user has any user filters applied, they will not be able to access this feature.

Which permissions will users need?

To give other users access to People Insights, admin users will need to assign the permission set Payroll_TenantInsights with a 'View' action.

How do I exclude a company from People Insights?

For tenants with multiple companies, should a user wish to exclude one or more companies from Insights this can be done as follows.

  1. Go to Administration > Companies.

  2. Highlight the company or companies to be amended and click Edit.

  3. Tick the box in the 'Exclude from Insights' column.

  4. Click Save.

Important note: The exclusion will take effect from the next morning when the data refreshes.

To include a company in Insights, carry out the same steps as above, but at step 3 make sure the box is unticked.

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