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Navigating People Insights
Navigating People Insights

Find out how to use and interact with People Insights to get the most out of this powerful visual feature.

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Company Selector

Make sure to select the correct company or companies from the Company dropdown to view the correct data.

Include/Exclude Terminated Employees

You can include or exclude terminated employees in the data as needed with the click of a switch.

Interacting with the Charts and Graphs

Clicking on a colour in one graph or chart tells the dashboard to show all corresponding data in all other visuals on the same dashboard for that specific metric. This means all other data is faded out while the set that was selected remains in full colour throughout the charts. You can also view each chart in Focus Mode.


Select the specific data you wish to view or exclude by ticking the relevant box or boxes. The visuals on the dashboard will update instantly to show all metrics for that filter.

Combined vs Separate View

In the Age dashboard, users can view the data in a combined or separate view.


When a dashboard contains several tabs, selecting a tab will update all visible charts with information relating to the active tab. This is currently only used in the Payroll Costs dashboard.

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