22nd February 2023 | New! Dashboard redesign for People Insights; pending approval entries now greyed out in Out of Office widget; and more

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Hello readers!

Let's jump right into this week's update.

We have redesigned our People Insights dashboards to give even more detail through clear visuals. Those of you using Premium now have three new dashboards to help you understand your company's data.

Meanwhile in Payroll, the team has made a few improvements to the Leave Situation report, the Payslip, and a few other items.

Over in Attendance, the locked or system shifts in the Scheduler now have the Cost Value available to view should you need to do so.

Read on to learn more.

Insights Enhancements

  • All the dashboards available in People Insights have been redesigned, and we have added three new Premium dashboards. Click here to learn more.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • When an employee has leave written off, the Period Balance shows as expected in the Leave Situation report.

  • When applicable, director's fees are included in the Payslip's Gross Total as expected.

  • The Social Security Contributions (SSC) are calculated as per current payroll year in the Payroll Calculation, as intended.

Attendance Enhancements

  • Clicking with the mouse scroll wheel or middle button on the Indigo logo or menu in Attendance opens the Indigo home page in a new tab.

  • It is now possible to 'Show Cost Value' for locked and system schedules in the Scheduler.

Quick Fixes and Minor Updates

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