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Insights Premium: Leave Balance & Sick Leave Analysis
Insights Premium: Leave Balance & Sick Leave Analysis

All about People Insights' Leave Balances and Sick Leave Analysis dashboards

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Leave Balances

View Vacation Leave and/or Sick Leave data, by Leave Type, Year and Department or Cost Centre, to track trends and help you with resource planning.

  • Actual Leave balance vs Target %: Easily compare at a glance what percentage of leave your employees have used versus the target leave percentage. You can set the target leave percentage from the top right dropdown menu, and filter actual leave taken versus target leave using the slider at the bottom of the chart. Any employees that have used more than the target leave percentage will be shown in red.

  • Number of Employees by Department: a bar chart showing how many employees you have per Department (or Cost Centre, depending on the filter selected), and the total number of employees in the top right of the chart.

  • Actual Leave Used % by [category]: view data on the average percentage of leave used, and drill up or down as needed.

  • Actual Leave used % across years: this visual shows the leave percentage used across the years. Pick a data point from any of the other charts to have this graph show how the selection's leave percentage compares to the company's.

Sick Leave Analysis

Use this dashboard to view and analyse sick leave trends. You can filter by company, year, percentage of employees sick on any day, leave type, and by department or cost centre.

  • Date and % of Employees sick/Sick Leave Hours: this graph shows the percentage of employees who were sick for a particular date. You can filter the dates using the slider at the bottom of the graph.

  • Sick Leave by Month: view the number of days and sick hours by month in this graph.

  • Employee by...

    • Bradford Factor: the default view, this chart functions based on the Bradford Factor.

      • This is a time-tested method for HR to keep track of sick leave occurrences and spot patterns that may highlight a need for further investigation.

      • It is calculated using the formula S² x D = Bradford Factor.

        • S is the number of disconnected instances that an employee was sick.

        • D is the number of sick days an employee has accrued over a 52-week period.

    • Hours: selected from the dropdown menu, this bar chart shows the number of sick leave hours for each employee.

  • Analysis by % of Total Hours/Avg. Hours: This section is made up of 3 charts - By [category], By Day Name, and Avg. Hours by Department/Cost Centre.

  • % of Sick leave used by year: this chart shows the percentage of sick leave used by year for any selected data points and for the company. It can be filtered to show either Full Pay or Half Pay (when neither button is selected, values shown are for both).

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