19th April 2023 | Document Manager goes live; new User Login Audit report; access Scheduled Hours Validation report from the Scheduler; and more

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Hello readers!

This week, the team has prepared a chunky update for you, with improvements spanning across Indigo to People Insights, Document Manager, Payroll, and Attendance.

The most significant of these is that the HR feature Document Manager is officially out of beta and live for everyone to use! Also as part of our HR offering, we have launched an Anonymisation tool in the Employees screen to help HR admins comply with GDPR more easily.

First up, we have a new report in the Administration section called the User Login Audit.

Over in Payroll, we have additions to the User Roles and Permissions report, and a more visible way to identify when filters are active in the Employees grid - and a whole host of other small improvements.

Meanwhile in Attendance, it is now possible to access the Scheduled Hours Validation report from directly within the Scheduler, and we made some improvements to the Costings report and the Clockings Summary report.

Read on to find out more!

Platform Enhancements

  • All icons in the sidebar menu have been given a standardised format.

  • We have a new report called the User Login Audit report available in the Administration section of Indigo. It allows certain users to run a report showing the date and time of the last login per user, including the username, first name and last name.

Insights Enhancements

HR Enhancements

  • The Document Manager feature is now available for all users. This means that when adding documents to an employee's profile via the Employees screen, this will be done via Document Manager.

  • We have just launched the Anonymisation tool. This is a feature that allows the HR administrator to anonymise employee data, remove audits, user links, and documents related to an employee.

Payroll Enhancements

  • We have added fields for the first name, last name, and last login date and time to the User Roles and Permissions report.

  • When system filters are active in the Employees grid, the filter button shows blue to inform the user that filters are currently applied.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • Importing Employee Pay Items works as expected.

  • The Leave Balances section of the Payslip has been adjusted to ensure balances always line up with their respective leave type.

  • It is now possible to save the FS5 without a receipt date and receipt number entered.

  • Marking 'No need to specify ent.' for a Leave Type works as expected.

  • Default Pay Items cannot be removed when there is a Basic Pay for Subcontracted Employees.

  • Remarks display as expected when an employee is terminated within the current Payroll.

  • Recurring Pay Items that are set as 'must be specified at calculation stage' are added to the Payroll as expected on Calculation.

  • We have updated the default 'Range to' value to 9999999.00 in Tax Profiles.

  • We have fine-tuned the SSC category calculation to immediately detect when an employee's date of birth affects their SSC category.

Attendance Enhancements

  • It is now possible to run the Scheduled Hours Validation report from within the Scheduler.

  • We have added a sub-header to the Costings report to show more clearly when Leave Hours and Leave Cost have been included in the report, and we have added Company to the Grouping Level dropdown.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • In the Clocking Summary report, punches for a public holiday that falls on a Sunday are only counted once.

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