4th May 2023 | New! Net Adjustment Calculator, Clocking Data Map View; insert shift in multiple cells in Scheduler; and more

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Hello readers!

The team has worked hard to bring you a jam-packed update, with two new features, a bundle of enhancements, and a bushel of improvements across Payroll, HR and Attendance.

Say goodbye to extra manual calculations with Payroll's newest feature, the Net Adjustment Calculator, which makes it easy to find employees' take-home pay, tax and NI based on the net amount instead of the gross.

Our latest Attendance feature is the Clocking Data Map View. This will be particularly useful for those of you whose employees clock in and out using devices on location, and their mobile phones from anywhere.

Keep reading to find out about our enhancements and betterments throughout Indigo.

New Feature: Net Adjustment Calculator

Thanks to the Net Adjustment Calculator, the Payroll Calculation can calculate employees' take-home pay, tax and NI based on the net amount rather than the gross. Indigo does this by calculating what adjustment is needed to match the net amount, while taking into consideration the employee's tax and NI deductions due, so that neither you nor your employee need to make any extra calculations afterwards.

New Feature: Clocking Data Map View

The Clocking Data Map View gives you a visual of all clocking data received by Indigo Attendance, showing the clock-ins and clock-outs on a map.

Payroll Enhancements

  • We have restructured the screen from which new Payrolls are created.

Payroll Fixes and Improvements

  • When clicking 'Download All' for a company that has more than 100 FS3s, the download will be split into batches of 100 and you will receive one email with all the download links.

  • We have a new icon for Document Manager:

  • Multiple validations have been added when changing fields in the Payroll Setup while calculations are in progress. It is now recommended to first remove all calculations if any changes need to be done to the Payroll Setup.

  • The Delivery Status updates as expected when a Payslip has been published and sent to an employee.

HR Fixes and Improvements

  • The Document Manager pathway shows as expected when accessed either from Document Manager or from attachments within the Employee Screen.

  • Scrolling to the next page in the Employees' Leave Entitlement tab works as expected.

Attendance Enhancements

  • You can now disable editing access of the Cost Centre in the Scheduler by turning off the permission TA_SchedulerCostCentre.

  • In the Scheduler, it is now possible to insert the same shift preset for several employees and days at once.

  • There are two new columns in the Clocking Data grid to show the original clockings in cases of amended entries: Original Clocking In, Original Clocking Out.

    Please note this will only apply to clockings from this update on, and not to backdated ones.

  • Following on from the previous note, we have added a new setting to the Clocking Details report for 'Show Original Clockings'. By default, this option is not selected.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • The Basic Hours Overtime value in the Scheduler shows correctly.

  • Out of Office and Working Remotely entries are not included in the Clocking Details report.

  • The Scheduler Export report detects when dynamic breaks are set, as expected.

  • Filtering out exceptions tagged as resolved in the Attendance Exceptions grid works as intended.

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