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14th December 2023 | New! Indigo Suite Ideas Portal; changes to Onboarding and Offboarding, Skills & Training, Presence, Who's In report, and more

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Hello readers,

Ever wondered where your brilliant feature suggestions disappeared to? Curious about the innovative ideas swirling in the minds of fellow users? Eager to have your say and cast your vote in the evolution of Indigo Suite?

Wonder no more! Introducing this week's Feature Spotlight: Indigo Suite Ideas Portal — your gateway to shaping the future of your user experience.

This release also introduces significant improvements across our modules, particularly in HR, featuring notable enhancements in Skills & Training and Onboarding and Offboarding.

Check out the full details below! ⬇️

Feature Spotlight: Indigo Suite Ideas Portal

The Indigo Suite Ideas Portal empowers users to propose features directly to Shireburn's product team. Users now have the ability to view, edit, and monitor the progress of their own ideas.

Furthermore, they can delve into ideas generated by fellow users, offering comments and votes while fostering a sense of community within this idea-sharing forum.

From Indigo, you can access the Ideas Portal from the Help icon at the top right corner of the screen, next to your profile icon.

The first time you access the Ideas Portal this way, a user will be created for you. After a brief verification process, you will find yourself in the main screen of the portal.

From here you can explore the ideas and features recommended by our users. Interact with your favourite ideas by voting and commenting. You can also suggest your own by clicking the + ADD A NEW IDEA button. Note: ideas recommended to us through the Suggest a Feature button will also be found here.

HR Enhancements

  • We have added the following to Onboarding and Offboarding:

    • You can now edit and delete support files in Setup if they are not assigned to any employees.

    • It is now possible to include information from the Notes section of a Task Template in the notification email to the employee, by ticking the checkbox below the Notes textbox.

    • In Task Templates > Email Notification Settings, you can now select identifying criteria about the onboarded or offboarded employee, to be included in the notification email sent to the task assignee.

    • After clicking on an employee's entry in All Employees to open their drawer, you can now go to their HR > Employees screen in a new tab by clicking on their profile picture or their code (if you have permission to access Employees).

  • In Skills & Training:

    • It is now possible to delete support files in Setup if they are not assigned to any employees.

    • When assigning a training or skill support file to multiple employees at a time:

      • The system will process all new employees even if any employees who have already been assigned the entry are also selected.

      • If an employee already assigned a Skill is included in a multiple assignment of employees to the same Skill, but with a different rating, their entry is updated with the new rating.

HR Fixes and Improvements

  • The viewing option 'Across Companies' in the Calendar is working as expected.

  • The following improvements have been made to the Onboarding and Offboarding feature:

    • You can now save changes made to grids, such as adding or removing columns.

    • The horizontal scroll bar shows as needed when using grids.

    • In the All Tasks grid, there is a new switch 'Show all tasks' by the tool bar that allows you include completed tasks in the grid.

    • The Company Code has been added to the list of available columns in the All Employees grid.

    • The Task Creation drawer has been optimised for better display.

    • Marking a task as complete via the Task drawer works as expected.

    • Filtering has been standardised across all Onboarding and Offboarding screens.

  • Over in Skills & Training, we have made these changes:

    • Editing an existing training or certificate that has an attachment saved works as expected.

    • Multiple fixes have been carried out to the Certificate creation drawer.

    • Multiple fixes have been carried out to the 'Assign Employees' drawer.

    • We have changed the way filenames are generated for export and import files to make it easier to identify each file.

    • Date fields in the Certificate and Training drawers have been optimised with more intuitive logic.

Payroll and Leave Enhancements

  • The Leave allocation dropdown menu in Payroll and Leave > Utilities > Global Leave Entitlements has been set to Pro-rata by default, as this is the most commonly used configuration of the setting.

Payroll and Leave Fixes and Improvements

  • When inserting basic hours for a chosen employee through the + button in Payroll Calculations, the correct employee's basic hours are inserted, as intended.

  • We have resolved an issue that caused an error message to appear in the Employee screen when you opened the employee list in the Apply On Behalf Of section.

Attendance Enhancements

  • We have added several enhancements to Device Manager:

    • We have improved the Device Activity performance, catering to users with large datasets.

  • A checkbox has been added to Attendance > Main > Presence, labelled 'Show Employees on Break as In'. When this is ticked, all employees that are clocked out for break will still have their status showing them as being inside the premises.

  • In the Who's In report, a checkbox labelled 'Display staff on break as punched in' has been added under Options. When ticked, the status of employees on break will be shown as still being inside the premises.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • In the Scheduler:

    • The Scheduler widget is updating as intended when data is amended in the Scheduler.

    • Users can use Quick Edit without being blocked by an error wrongfully stating they do not have the correct permission.

  • In Device Manager, when sending users to the device via the Send Data function, only the users within the device’s work zone will show up on the grid, as expected.

  • Exceptions are displaying as intended in the Late Arrival/Early Departure Report.

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