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In order to be able to process pay for a given employee, they must be first registered in Shireburn Indigo Payroll. To be able to setup an employee, you require all relevant support files be configured and their personal information as outlined below. It is possible to quickly set up an employee without requiring most information through the onboarding process.

The onboarding process can be a useful tool should you require to register an employee starting at a later date or if implementing a 2-part registration process. Click here to learn more about this process.

Support File Checklist

Support Files are configuration files that hold the different settings common to any number of employees. Support Files should be configured in advance of registering new employees to ensure a smooth of a process as possible. Please find below a checklist of mandatory support files required during the registration of an employee.

More information about setting up Support Files can be found here.

Employee Details Checklist

The employee’s personal information such as name, surname, and address makes up the rest of the employee file and allows an employee to be individually recognizable as well as ensure Indigo Payroll has the required information to submit payroll-related forms such as FS5.

  • Code

  • Surname

  • Name

  • Sex

  • Date of birth

  • Civil status

A PDF version of the Employee Section can be downloaded for offline reading.

To view current employees registered in Indigo HR or start a new onboarding process, click on the "Employees" button from the Payroll tab. This will take you to the main Employee screen where you can view, edit, create and delete Employees.

This will take you to the main Employee screen where you can view, edit, create and delete Employees.

If you are unfamiliar with the Indigo HR screen layout, visit the Screen Layout Article.

All names listed in the example screenshots are fictitious and any resemblance to actual people is purely coincidental.

Click on the Add button to add a new employee.

The New Employee screen is split into multiple tabs, with tabs described in detail within the other articles in this section.

Once ready, click on the save icon. You can further organise and manage employees by using tags.

Detailed information about each field can be found here.

Work Permits

For information about temporary Work Permits, click here.

Probation Periods

For information about Probation periods, click here.

Export employee details to Excel

You can export employees' details to an Excel spreadsheet.

To do this, open the employee whose details you want to export, and click Export File in the functions bar. Choose the details you want to include in the file, and then click Export.

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