29th December 2023 | Renovated Indigo Suite Menu; add logos to clocking devices; new AgriBank SEPA File; upgrades to HR, Device Manager, and more

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Hello readers,

Season's greetings and a happy new year! 2023's last update brings a fresh look!

We've resized and updated the Indigo Menu, making space for upcoming 2024 additions.

At the same time, a wallpaper and screensaver redesign on ZKTeco SpeedFace clocking devices means your company logo can shine on, with support for more devices on the way. Plus, Device Manager upgrades in Attendance offer Work Zone cloning and custom Punch types. Simple, streamlined, and ready for the busy year ahead!

Finally, we've strengthened our latest HR services with a range of improvements, and added a new SEPA file for AgriBank.

Catch the release in full below! ⬇️


  • The Indigo menu on the left-hand side of the screen has been updated and resized.

HR Enhancements

  • Indigo will automatically prompt you to assign the relevant Onboarding & Offboarding tasks when you change an employee's start or termination date.

  • Users can now keep better track of how long an employee has been with the company with the new Employment Duration and Original Employment Duration fields. These details are available in the Employees grid and the Employee Details Report.

HR Fixes and Improvements

  • In Onboarding & Offboarding:

    • Inactive templates are no longer visible in the Available Templates screen under All Employees. Otherwise, the employee list is visible when users navigate through the section.

    • Users will start receiving an error when attempting to save a template without assigning it to a specific employee, as intended. Similarly, a popup will start notifying users when attempting to interact with a template they have no access to.

    • Users cannot delete completed tasks; the delete button will be disabled for such tasks.

    • Navigating back from the task Status screen takes users to the employee task list, as intended.

  • Meanwhile, over in Skills & Training:

    • The update, delete and create icons in the Training and Certifications section remain visible, even when there is a long entry under Instructor and Reference.

    • The Training screen in Skills & Training > Setup is loading as expected. Sorting and filtering have also been enhanced in Setup.

    • We've enhanced the user experience by refining Skills character limits, allowing for certificate closure, improving the layout in HR setup, optimizing delete button visibility, and resolving attachment delays. Accuracy of employee details has been improved.

    • We've improved functionality for Training and Certifications, ensuring accurate visibility of both past and future training.

Payroll and Leave Enhancements

  • A new SEPA file for AgriBank has been added to Banks.

Payroll and Leave Fixes and Improvements

  • The correct value for Leave Balance is being displayed in the Leave History Report, as expected.

  • When a user requests unpaid leave, a popup message will appear, stating: ‘You are using a 0 rate leave type’. This popup will appear in the Leave Request Audit, and in the Leave History and Out of Office - Apply For Leave widgets in the Employee Portal

Attendance Enhancements

  • We have enhanced Device Manager in the following ways:

    • Admins now have the ability to update their punch devices' wallpaper and screensavers to display their company logo(s).

Wallpaper and screensaver customisation is currently only available on ZKTeco SpeedFace clocking devices. Additional device support is planned for future releases.

  • Further to the new functionality in Device Manager, the wallpaper background of your clocking devices—displayed when an employee is clocking in or out—has been redesigned.

    • When you upload an image of your company's logo, it will feature at the centre of the device's wallpaper, underscored by the phrase “Powered by shireburn”.

    • The screensaver—displayed when the device is inactive—has had a similar redesign.

  • Admins can now clone Work Zones!

    • A new button has been added to each card in Attendance > Main > Device manager > Work Zones.

    • Click the button on the card of the work zone you wish to clone. In the resulting modal, type in your New Work Zone Name (1) and toggle on or off the option to import users from the original work zone to the new one (2). When ready, click Clone Work Zone (3).

  • Admins can also configure custom Punch types by clicking on the cogwheel button labelled 'Work Zone Settings' and setting their desired Punch State IDs. Click Save when done.

  • Admins now have the ability to set a reward for a specific day based on how the employee is scheduled, rather than the duration of their clocking.

    • In Attendance > Setup > Rewards, a Based on option has been added when the reward condition type is set to Scheduled on specific day(s). Note: this option works the same as the existing option under Scheduled on public holiday(s).

      • When set to Clocking, the calculation will take into account all attendance that has been clocked.

      • When set to Schedule, the calculation will reward the amount of time scheduled instead of the amount of time the employee clocked in.

  • Users can include another two columns in the Clocking Details Report:

    • Break duration

    • Work duration without break

      • The columns will be visible when enabled in the Options section.

Attendance Fixes and Improvements

  • In Device Manager, the search button in the Device Activity screen (under the section labelled 'Activity') has been disabled when no device is selected.

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